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64% of Adults Prefer Doing DIY Than Employ a Tradesman

Marks & Spencer Money has conducted a survey which has shown that 64% of UK adults would rather do a DIY job themselves than employ a tradesman or expert. In addition, one fifth also said they had spilled paint on the carpet or flooring while decorating.

M&S are urging people to take more care when carrying out DIY jobs around the house, particularly in the Spring when most people think about finishing all those jobs which have built up over the winter.

Andrew Ferguson from the insurer commented that people should be aware that 200,000 people are admitted to hospital each year with injuries caused while carrying out DIY. He says that people should think about whether they have the correct set of skills to complete the tasks they have set themselves. He also points out that home-owners should check their insurance policy to ensure they are are covered for accidental damage and what the limit to the cover is.

M&S remind their customers that gas and electrical installations must be carried out by a professional, chemicals should be kept out of reach of children, furnishings should be covered, correct safety wear should be used, tools should be well maintained and people should ask for help when using a ladder.