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9 out of 10 Women Own Power Tools

The Home Improvement Show has highlighted the fact that more and more women are starting to get involved in DIY tasks around the house. The news is backed up by a recent survey which shows that nine out of ten women now own power tools and 67% complete their own DIY projects around their houses.

DIY SOS presenter Julia Kendall has commented that a woman's ability to multi-task means they have a more patient and methodical approach to DIY problems than men. She also points out that a woman is more likely to read instructions before they start the task.

Kendall recommends that women who have less confidence should use ranges of tools which are specifically for women, use the internet for advice, try small jobs first and take courses to learn new skills.

The Home Improvement Show, which will be at Earls Court in early October, will have a Tricks of the Trade feature, allowing people to find out how to complete DIY tasks by watching step by step instructions.