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The Ultimate Garden Shed

A DIY enthusiast from Leicester has spent £15000 building the ultimate garden shed as a retreat from the stresses of life.

The shed has become a pub style hideout with a jukebox, home cinema, pool table, bar and a Wii.

Jez Walter who is 51 has spent 6 years converting his 18 x 16 ft shed and says that he uses it often, along with his family and friends. The shed has even been sound-proofed so that the late night parties don't disturb his neighbours.

The shed was originally built to be used as an office, but eventually became an area for the whole family to use. It has now been entered into a competition for the most innovative shed for which the prize money is £1000.

Mr Walter says that his children will probably stay at home until they are 40 because they enjoy using the space so much.