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Women Worry about Partners DIY Skills

A recent survey from has discovered that many women worry about their partners taking on a DIY job around the house and would rather they left it to the professionals. In fact nearly half of those questioned said they dread their husband picking up a hammer.

61% of those women polled said they would rather get a tradesman in than let their partners loose on the house, however 58% said that their partner could be trusted to do minor DIY jobs. However when it came to bigger jobs many women were reticent to say the least. Just 58% would let their partner fit a kitchen and 47% would allow them to tile the bathroom. Only 34% would trust them to replace a plug socket and when it comes to wallpapering only 35% of women would think their partner was up to the job.

Despite these facts, 59% of household DIY jobs are completed by men, whether they are done correctly or not. 29% of men admitted that even if they didn't know what they were doing, they would never tell their wives this and would carry on regardless.

Gerrit Mueller from the tradesman website has commented that recent legislation has meant that many jobs around the home should be completed by a professional and it can often be more cost efficient to get a tradesman in especially for those who are prone to the odd DIY disaster.