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WWF Pulls Out Of Zero Carbon Homes Taskforce

The WWF has announced that it has withdrawn its support from the governments zero carbon homes taskforce as they feel that it is now effectively useless.

The move came as the latest government budget revealed that the government would no longer use emissions from energy use in the home to define zero carbon.

This change means that house-builders will no longer have to make sure that all energy requirements can be met from carbon neutral sources. Builders will only have to take into account those emissions which are covered by building regulations.

Therefore the clean energy required to provide a zero carbon home will have to come from the utility provider or from the homeowner themselves.

The WWF say that this will lead to new homes being built which actually add to carbon emissions. They say that this was not the purpose of the original policy and that the government u-turn will undermine both the climate and housing legislation.

The WWF had been working alongside the government on the taskforce since 2007 and said that builders and suppliers were ready for the changes which were due to take effect from 2016.