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Wyevale Stops Recycling Plant Pots

Garden enthusiasts will be disappointed to hear that the nations largest garden centre Wyevale has stopped their plant pot recycling scheme. The store which is now known as The Garden Centre Group did have a recycling drop off point at all of its 120 stores, but has been unable to find a recycling company which was able to sort the wide range of plastics which plant pots are made of.

Lorrie Robertson from The Garden Centre commented that the flower pot recycling scheme was very popular with their customers and so they are still committed to searching for a way they can bring back the service.

In the UK there is now just a few garden centres which will still recycle plant pots. Two of which are Notcutts & Dobbies.

Nottcutts offers it's customers a plastic plant pot recycling service at all 19 of their gardening centres across the UK. They recycle Plastic flower pots (Polypropylene) and bedding plant trays (Polystyrene), the pots are then recycled and turned into pots again to be used by Notcutts to sell their plants in.

Dobbies has stores mostly in the North of England and in Scotland. They have confirmed that they will collect plant pots on behalf of their customers as long as they are clean and free from soil. The pots are offered to local charities who reuse them or they are sent for recycling. They even let customers reuse them if they wish.

For the rest of the country the outlook may be improving a bit more, as Axion Recycling is running a pilot scheme in the north of England this summer and will use the pots they collect to make plastic sheeting or new pots. They say that if it goes well they may approach DIY stores to see if they can collect pots as well.

Other options are to use pots made of natural materials such as coir or other biodegradable substances.


Article updated on 28/02/11 to include Nottcutts recycling information.