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Acute Housing Shortage

The Home Builders Federation have this week announced that the UK is suffering an acute housing shortage. According to their election manifesto, more than 5m people are on the waiting list for a council house while 1.6m children live in overcrowded or unsuitable conditions.

Chairman Steward Baseley commented that despite this shortfall, the industry is building less now than at any time since World War II.

The HBF tabled a list of 20 recommendations including making more land available for development, making mortgages more accessible, retrofitting old homes to make them more efficient in the 21st century and pointed out that the building industry contributes 8% of the UK's GDP. They also suggest that training and improving building skills is an important factor in improving the economy.

In addition to all this they point out the importance of bringing old housing stock back into use and to encourage more private and public partnerships.

The HBF speaks for more than 50,000 firms in the UK employing 860,000 people.