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Alternative Tools of the Trade

The recent 2010 Focus DIY “Tools of the Nation” report has revealed that 84% of DIYers have used an item of kitchen cutlery to complete a DIY job. 43% will use their fingernails and 24% use pennies. The rest of us use nail files, shoes and even oven gloves in the place of the correct tool for the job.

Perhaps due to this, more than 80% of those questioned had needed to employ a professional to fix a botched DIY job, paying them £100. One in five paid out more than £150.

Nasim Valli, a project manager from Focus, has said that most people simply don't own the correct DIY tools. 48% own just 10 tools or less, with most people having a screwdriver and a hammer. He points out that simply investing in the right tools can save money in the long run avoiding costly mistakes and damage.