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Are Men Doing More Around The House?

A new study by Dove has shown that 60% of the 1000 men questioned thought that they do much more around the house than their partners think.

50% said that their female partners or wives would show-off about the amount of housework they do, while men tend to simply get on with it.

85% of men say they always take out the rubbish and 80% always carry the shopping , while 78% said that they do the weekly food shopping.

When it comes to DIY, just 1.5 hours a week is done by men, less than half the amount of time they spend doing general housework. Men will also spend 6.9 hours a week looking after children.

Paul Connell from Dove Men Care commented that men are becoming more vocal about how much they do around the house and that they no longer just sit around doing nothing in the home.