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Callous Cowboys Jailed

Two cowboy builders have been jailed at Maidstone Crown Court after they swindled vulnerable people out of more than £1m. Moses Mead and Christopher Latty from Kent were given a total of 7 years for fraud and false representation. Two others involved received shorter sentences, while others are still on the run.

Two people who were targeted by the pair parted with their life savings of £522.000 and £230,000 respectively, while others gave the so-called builders figures in excess of £10,000. It has even been claimed that one man failed to eat properly after he was swindled out of his life savings. It is thought that he died soon after.

Detective Constable Paul Walker commented that the case was complex and evidence was gathered from across the south of the country. He said that all of the people targeted were elderly and vulnerable and that the actions were callous and calculated.