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Christmas Safety Advice From 0800 Handyman

The countdown to Christmas has begun and while it’s the season to be jolly, ‘accidents do happen.’ With around 80,000* people attending Accident and Emergency departments across the country during the 12 days of Christmas, 0800 Handyman is urging festive Britons wanting to turn their homes into winter wonderlands to avoid becoming a statistic.

Clive Smith, Managing Director, 0800 Handyman tells us: “Everyone has a limit when it comes to DIY, and knowing when to put down the hammer and contact a professional is crucial.”

“In the excitement of the season, homeowners arm themselves with potentially lethal tools and equipment such as hammers, drills and ladders to get jobs done and we would urge people to weigh up in advance whether they really are able to take on a job or whether they should consider calling in the experts at the outset.”

0800 Handyman specialises in tackling the small DIY tasks and odd jobs that people don’t have the time or expertise to carry out themselves.

No task is too small. 0800 Handyman are on hand to help hang external lights, so you can turn your home into Santa’s grotto, assemble the flat pack bed so the in-laws have something to sleep on, change the Christmas tree lights, repair that dripping tap and much more.

So this year, why take the risk of putting up the lights yourself of even dusting off last years decorations from the loft? Call in the experts at the outset so you can enjoy a happy Christmas at home with friends and family, rather than spend a miserable one in hospital.


And if you’re looking for a unique present idea this Christmas, why not give a gift voucher from 0800 Handyman? Ideal for elderly relatives, or people who have recently moved, vouchers come in values to suit the purchaser so whatever your budget, whoever you give them to can get a helping hand around the home.

For those of you who want to go it alone, 0800 Handyman offers the following top safety tips for hanging lights and decorations to prevent your festivities being cut short by a trip to casualty!


  • If you have old lights, seriously consider buying new ones, which will meet much higher safety standards.
  • Check for frayed or damaged wires. Don’t use if any burn marks are evident.
  • Use a plug-in RCD. This is a safety device which instantly switches off power in the event of a problem.
  • Beware of extension leads and adapters – don’t overload. Also be aware of any trip hazards.
  • If hanging lights externally make sure you buy a light set designed for this purpose – you can’t use standard tree lights outside.
  • If using a ladder to fit external lights make sure i) the ladder is positioned on a stable, level base – if on a lawn place the ladder on a piece of plywood and ii) always ask someone to stand at the foot of the ladder to prevent it moving.
  • When tacking external light wires to a wall or soffit board make sure you use insulated U-shaped cable clips – a standard nail or pin could cause the lights to fuse.


  • Be careful when putting up decorations – always use a stepladder on a stable base – avoid using a chair.
  • Don’t stretch too far when perched on ladder – it’s easy to loose balance and fall.
  • Don’t overload yourself when bringing decorations down from the loft.
  • Large bulky boxes shouldn’t be carried down ladders – it’s better to break the load into manageable items and always pass them down to someone at the foot of the ladder.

If you need a helping hand, simply dial 0800 then HANDYMAN using the alpha keys on the telephone pad. (0800 426 396)

All staff undergo strict vetting procedures, including police checks so clients can be assured of the highest levels of security. Their workmanship is backed by a no quibble guarantee and the company is fully insured.