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Consumers Increasingly Buying Gardening Products

The latest research from Verdict has shown that consumers are increasingly spending their hard earned cash on gardening products, rather than DIY.

Gardening, in particular growing your own vegetables, is being seen as a way to save money in these more difficult economic times. Also, many people are not going on summer holidays or are indulging in parties at home rather than going out. All of this means that the garden is getting more use as a venue for entertaining.

The research found that spending on garden products increased by 10% in 2009 which easily outdid DIY which fell by 3.1%.

A spokesperson from Verdict commented that DIY has fallen out of favour as people are simply not moving house. He also said that last years good weather in the spring and summer fuelled some of the increase. Add to this the ageing population and a concern for the environment and the sector can expect future growth to continue.

Garden centres have made the most of this new trend and are increasingly adding restaurants to their stores as well as diversifying into pet and homewares. DIY stores are also capitalising by improving and expanding their garden ranges and concentrating less on pure DIY.