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Beach Huts For Birds

With winter well and truly set in, B&Q has reported an increase in the numbers of bird feeders and bird food which they are selling in their stores. Bird care sales have increased by 76% since this time last year and seed sales have increased by an amazing 90%. The strongest sellers have been the fat and suet products which have increased by more than 100%, while thistle seed is now selling at around 1300-1500 bags each week.

But it isn't just bird food which has seen an increase. Nesting boxes have increased by 78% this year and B&Q have met this trend by introducing some innovative styles suitable for even the best gardens. Some are minimalist cube designs while some are painted to look like beach huts.

Finally, sales of bird tables have also increase by more than 100%. It is thought that these increases could be down to programs like Autumn Watch which are encouraging an interest in the birds which frequent UK gardens at this time of the year.