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Berkeleys Giving “Staff Discount” to Workforce

While most people might use their DIY skills to improve their homes or even to build their own; staff of Berkeleys, the new homes builder, are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of a scheme which allows them to use the skills of their workforce.

Berkeleys offer staff an “own-build scheme” where staff are able to build or renovate their own homes at commercial rates. As part of the arrangement, the founder of the group Tony Pidgley, has paid £1.3m to the group for the work carried out at his home.

Mr Pidgley owns a 16th century home in Windsor where it is believed the work was carried out. In addition to this perk of the job, he has also received a renumeration package of £2.4m, which included a salary of £750,000.

One might question if he might have been able to renovate his home without needing to get a “staff discount”?