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Better DIY and home improvement skills

A partnership between UK Youth and B&Q is hoping to lead to more young people developing better DIY and home improvement skills.

The three year deal will involve B&Q employees working with young people and passing on their skills.

Each of the UK stores will be twinned with a local youth group and will help them to complete community projects.

B&Q already has a number of projects which help young people to build their DIY skills such as Kids Classes and Job Done!. These are DIY skills classes for local schools. This time the company will be working with youth groups.

Euan Sutherland, the CEO of B&Q has said that the younger generation seem to be lacking the basic DIY skills which their parents or grandparents seem to have. The company understands this and is now focusing on young people to build up both skills and confidence. He also points out that B&Q is looking forward to working with UK Youth.