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Exercise Keeps Radiators Fit

Over the summer, as heating systems are switched off, a large number of thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) will jam. The result is no heat to the radiator just when it’s needed again. Faced with this, a DIY expert may take to removing the TRV head, or even striking the jammed valve pin with a hammer in an attempt to restore the flow of hot water to the radiator. Alternatively, a heating engineer will be required to fit a new valve body.

Once the valve body is working, to overcome this annual problem, an eTRV (electronic thermostatic radiator valve) can be fitted instead, which includes a weekly exercise feature. Every week, the eTRV operates so that the valve can fully open and then fully close. This exercise routine minimises the risk of the valve sticking over the summer, or other periods when the radiator is off.

Showcased in the “Innovation Future Zone” at EcoBuild 2010, the eTRV has a host of other enhancements, including dual sensors (integrated air and pipe sensors) to achieve improved room temperature control. The eTRV also combines a fast acting battery powered motor allowing a rapid response to changes in room temperature.

The eTRV includes options to control to 4 different temperature settings: Off control, and Low, Economy and Comfort temperatures. A slim line remote control is used to switch between the temperature settings. Or eTRV can even be set to AUTO, where it selects the temperature according to one of three time programmes available each day.

Modern electronics have finally been applied to radiator control and eTRV’s are bringing heating control in to the 21st century. At last, a suitable temperature setting can be chosen for each room, according to exactly how much heating is needed and when.

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