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Beware The Burglary Season

With the festive season upon us, homeowners may be less inclined to think about home security. Unfortunately new research from More Than has shown that this time of the year is a particular favourite of burglars.

The research which involved conversations with reformed burglars discovered that a burglar is most likely to strike between 1.55am and 2.18am on Christmas Day.

With many people leaving their Christmas presents under the tree on this one night (even if they hide them at other times) it could be lucrative for the thief.

84% of the thieves questioned said that the fact that people drink too much over the Christmas period and leave their homes empty makes the festive season a good time for burglaries.

Half of the former burglars said that they head straight for the Christmas tree to steal gifts and some even steal the Christmas tree itself. They point out that even homes which are not usually a good target will have extra items in the form of presents at this time of the year.

Insurance companies suggest that home owners should be extra careful with security at this festive season. Leaving lights on, installing extra locks and alarms, switching on outside security lighting and avoiding mentioning on social media websites what their plans are for Christmas are all good ways for homeowners to avoid becoming a victim this Christmas.