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Boom in Artificial Grass Sales

Britain's largest artificial grass manufacturer, Evergreens, has reported that they have sold 35% more artificial grass this year than last year. The increase is thought to be down to the warm and dry weather which has been experienced across the country this summer.

B&Q have also reported that they have sold 22,000 sq metres of fake grass this year, which is more than twice as much as they expected from a product which they only launched earlier in the year.

The UK has had the lowest level of rainfall in the first part of the year since 1914 and hosepipe bans have been in place across the north-west of England.

Artificial grass is manufactured from recycled materials and can be reprocessed once it has been used. It is thought to be better for the environment than paving and still allows water absorption into the ground. The latest types are very realistic and soft enough for children's play areas and for sport surfaces.

Guy Barter from the Royal Horticultural Society has said that fake grass is becoming more acceptable in gardening circles, particularly now it has become difficult to sow real grass. He says that it can be useful in shaded areas and small gardens.