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Borrowing DIY Tools From Neighbours

A new website has realised the value of lending to and borrowing from neighbours, particularly when it comes to DIY tools which are rarely used. Ecomodo is a new community enterprise which allows its members to borrow what they need from each other for a small fee.

Their research has discovered that 50% of UK homes own a power drill but it is used for just 12 to 15 minutes over its entire lifetime. They say that it is not necessary to own everything which we will need to use.

Ecomodo was founded in 2007 by two students who wanted to come up with an idea to make isolated communities more resourceful. They created an online forum allowing people to post requests for items they needed or those they are willing to share. People can then decide how much they are willing to charge to lend their items. The amounts are usually much less than conventional ways of renting tools or other items and certainly cheaper than buying. A blow-up inflatable bed, as an example, could cost just £3 for a night.

The website has been selected as a finalist in the Green Awards and for the StartupsUK Awards.

Founder Tracey Currer points out that those who live in rural areas cannot easily pop to their local DIY store, which may be a 30 mile round trip, even though what they need may be sitting in their neighbours garden shed.