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Bribery and DIY Around the House

It seems that a number of women are having to resort to bribery to get their other halves to do DIY around the house, according to the latest survey from Bosch Power Tools. The survey discovered that 61% of people in the UK do DIY tasks around the house themselves, but that 6 out of ten women have to offer some sort of bribe to get their husbands or partners to do the jobs for them.

The most popular bribe was allowing their partner to buy an expensive gadget followed by watching their favourite television show or being allowed out on a night with the boys.

In addition 38% of men admit that they will actually offer to do a DIY chore in order to be able to do one of these things.

When it comes to the length of a relationship before it is decent to ask them to do a DIY task, it seems that three months after he moves in is about average. Although one in five women will ask their date for help on their first night out.

A spokesperson from Bosch has pointed out that many DIY jobs are easy to do and that they are well worth it for the rewards which might be gained.