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Massive Range Of Home Lighting

B&Q has launched it's biggest lighting range this month to give their customers a huge choice of styles and suitability. The range has an incredible 356 styles of light from chandeliers and floor lights to table lamps and spotlights. Prices start at just £2.48.

B&Q point out that all their lighting systems are suitable for use with their low energy lightbulbs, which will help customers save money on electricity and help the environment.

With three main types of lighting being catered for including ambient, task and accent lighting, the new range is likely to be a hit with consumers. Highlights of the collection are floral design lampshades and table lamps with metallic finishes.

Other lighting options are unusual designs such as the disco table lamp, the led ring light and an egg shaped touch light. Add to that the glitter lamp and the pyramid floor lamp and there is no excuse for not adding an interesting design element to your home.