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Burst Pipes Cost Insurance Companies Millions

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has stated that the insurance industry has paid out £644 million to homeowners and companies during last winter due to burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures. Unfortunately they expect the figures for this winter to be even higher.

A spokesperson from the ABI has said that the industry is paying out more than £7 million each day for burst pipes alone. It is pointed out that as things start to thaw out, the problem is compounded.

The insurance industry is recommending that home owners take steps such as keeping their heating on and insulating pipes to prevent them bursting. Other measures which can be taken are informing neighbours if you are going to be away and having pipes and heating systems checked by an expert at least every year.

If a frozen section of pipe is found it can be thawed out by using a hair-dryer after the water has been turned off. Pipes should be inspected for leaks before the water is turned back on.