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DIY Interest Rises After Warm Summer

The National Home Improvement Council (NHBC) has suggested that home-owners are likely to become more interested in home improvements once the warm summer months are over.

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DIY Knowledge in Demand

DIY Knowledge in Demand

B&Q has announced that it is experiencing a rising demand for its practical DIY classes and apps. With the cost of living increasing, the store seems to be showing that homeowners are increasingly wanting to complete important DIY jobs themselves.

B&Q runs You Can Do It classes which offer advice on energy saving, plumbing and more. Bookings for these classes have increased by 65% in just the last week. In fact classes on plumbing and plastering increased by 184% in the week prior to that. Just 15 B&Q stores currently run these classes, yet 11,000 consumers have attended since they start running earlier this year. Most classes cost as little as £10.

In addition to these DIY based classes B&Q also run Job Done! Which is aimed at children as young as five. More than 1,000 schools have signed up in the last three months and this programme has been added to kids classes which are planned for the You Can Do It programme.

Online activity has also seen an upsurge. More than 3,000 people per month are downloading guides via the B&Q iPhone app with the plumbing problem apps being the most popular with more than 10,000 downloads since July.

Katherine Paterson from B&Q has said that the interest in these courses highlights the pressure homeowners are under in terms of the money they spend on their homes.

DIY Machine Capable of 100mph

Wing Commander Kenneth Wallis MBE has proudly displayed his home-made gyroscope for the Daily Mail this weekend. He has called the machine the Zeus III and was able to display how the DIY machine could reach speeds of 100mph.

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DIY Man Bricks Himself In

An East German pensioner has fallen foul of the law after he managed to wall himself into his cellar after completing some DIY work.

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DIY Naked Charity Calendar

Lincoln couples have stripped off in support of the Parkinson's Disease Society and allowed themselves to be photographed for a DIY themed Calendar Girls style calendar.

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DIY Or Holiday?

Research from the Mintel DIY Retail report 2010 has discovered that despite the fact that many of us can no longer afford to move house, we still would rather go on holiday than improve our home.

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DIY Projects May Lead to Money Problems

Figures from an online comparison site have indicated that some homeowners may be putting themselves into financial difficulty because of the DIY jobs they are undertaking. The survey by regarding how they are planning on spending their bank holiday have shown that 16% were planning DIY projects.

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DIY Repairs on Cars May Invalidate Insurance

Research from the Post Office has shown that people are risking invalidating their car insurance by doing their own DIY repairs.

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DIY Retail Hit Hard

The latest figures from the British Retail Consortium have shown that UK retail businesses are experiencing the biggest fall in sales for the last 16 years and DIY retail is one of the hardest hit.

A 3.5% fall in sales is the sharpest since the BRC survey began in 1995 and shows how consumer confidence has fallen in recent months.

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DIY Retailer Homebase Criticised

One of the largest DIY retailers in the country, Homebase has been criticised for suggesting that one of their tools was so straightforward – even a woman could use it. The statement was made on the instructions issued with their multi-tester tool and led to a number of complaints and an investigation into why the instructions made it onto the shelves at all. A spokesperson has apologised and said that the issue will be taken up with the supplier. They described it as a genuine oversight.

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DIY Road Gritting

A statement from the Transport Secretary Philips Hammond has made it very clear that householders will be expected to do more around their neighbourhoods as part of the Conservative “Big Society”. This could mean gritting the local roads themselves during snowy and icy weather.

He pointed out in an interview on ITV that householders may want to take over some of the functions of the council and indeed, many councils are already supplying residents with gritting bins to allow them to do DIY gritting themselves.

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DIY Road Repairs

DIY Road Repairs

A Worthing resident has taken road maintenance into his own hands and decided to fill in a pothole in a local road with concrete. It seems that this DIY approach was a reaction to holes being marked by the council but not being filled in.

Despite rumours circulating around the area, no one is willing to say who the culprit might be. However the council are less than impressed with the large white circle which has now appeared on Sheriden Road in Worthing.

A spokeswoman from the council has said that the site has been visited and they have confirmed that the repair is safe and it will be left until a more permanent repair can be carried out later this year.

She went on to say that permanent repairs were due to take place in November and will include extensive patching work in the area. This includes the current concrete patch.

Councils do not promote this interpretation of the “big society” but it should be noted that it may reduce their ever increasing compensation bill for pot hole related incidents.