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New Plug Could Save You £100s

Researchers at Imperial College have discovered that a new plug could cut energy consumption by an average of 41%. For some appliances such as printers, the saving could be as much as 93%, as they are used much less frequently. The plug will switch off home appliances which have been left on stand-by and could save the average home as much as £1 a day in energy costs.

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High Energy Bills Expected

Homeowners are being warned to expect high utility bills in the coming months due to the record freezing temperatures of this winter.

Records from have revealed that homeowners use 40% of their annual energy during the winter months.

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7 Million Homes Under Insured

A survey conducted by Direct Line has discovered that nearly seven million UK households could be under-insured by an average of £20,000.

It is thought that homeowners could be cutting back on the amount of cover they have in an attempt to save money from their household budget.

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DIY – An Endangered Species?

A new study has indicated that knowledge of DIY may be all but extinct as early as 2050 due to the rise in technology.

The AA Home Emergency Response study has revealed that just one third of men are confident enough at the moment to carry out simple DIY tasks such as repairs and maintenance.

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New Role at B&Q to Monitor Internet Buzz

Customers who have been treated poorly while out doing their shopping are now starting to change how they air their grievances according to a new study by Lightspeed research.

In a survey of 1000 shoppers it was found that 44% will use the Internet to complain about products or services, 36% will get on the phone and 22% will write a letter.

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Burst Pipes Cost Insurance Companies Millions

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has stated that the insurance industry has paid out £644 million to homeowners and companies during last winter due to burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures. Unfortunately they expect the figures for this winter to be even higher.

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Unlucky House Numbers has revealed the results a very unscientific, but nevertheless interesting, study which highlights how a house number can impact on how unlucky the household is.

While many homeowners might feel uncomfortable buying a house at number 13, it is actually the case that number 243 is unluckier than any other number house.

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Totally DIY Show

This year's Totally DIY Show will be held from February 6 until February 8 at the NEC in Birmingham and is promising to be an exciting event for those involved in the building trade and for DIYers as well.

The show is free to visit and free to park and will have hundreds of exhibitors from the world of DIY, tools and the security industry.

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Getting More For Your Money

With the prices of utilities increasing, consumers are being warned to check their tariffs to see if they can make savings.

Ann Robinson from has pointed out that there are many things consumers can do to lower their energy prices and to get more for their money.

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Recycling Home Furnishings

Recent research from Santander Mortgages has shown that as a nation the UK are spending less money on new items for their homes and are more willing to use second-hand furnishings.

The findings showed that 28% of homes furnishings are now second-hand, borrowed or handed down.

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Price of Energy Saving Lamps To Rise Threefold

Industry experts have warned that the price of energy saving lightbulbs will increase by three times as supplies of old style bulbs come to an end.

In the last few years subsidies have been in place to keep the price of energy saving bulbs low, however this will be scrapped as requested by the government.

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Solar Energy Comparison

UK DIYers who are considering going green this year now have a new comparison website designed to help them make the best choice when buying solar panels. allows users to compare different solar panel manufacturers and installers online instantly.

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