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The Perils of Working With Gas

The perils of working with gas appliances without proper training have been highlighted by the death of Toby Griffiths from Devon.

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The Top Ten DIY and Building Trends

The UK's number one website for matching tradespeople with clients has released a list of their top ten DIY and building trends for 2010.

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The Ultimate Garden Shed

A DIY enthusiast from Leicester has spent £15000 building the ultimate garden shed as a retreat from the stresses of life.

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Tile Association Complains to the BBC

The Tile Association has made a complaint to the BBC after Nick Knowles made disparaging comments about tiling during an episode of DIY SOS.

Knowles commented that tiling was “a piece of cake” and that “any old fool can tile”. The Tile Association have commented that the program often shows a lack of respect for skilled trades and fails to show the amount of time and effort required to become a skilled tradesman.

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Toilet Seat Not Included

New home owners are increasingly being forced to get out their electric drills and hammers to do some unexpected DIY before they even move in, according to a report in the Daily Mail Online.

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Tool Leasing Scheme

Tool Leasing Scheme

DIY retailer B&Q is taking steps designed to encourage the sustainable use of some of their products by offering a leasing scheme on tools which can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Ian Cheshire, the chief executive of Kingfisher has commented that the company is in the early stages of research and design of a drill which has recyclable parts which could be leased to customers. The drill would then be returned to the store to be recycled rather than being dumped.

Cheshire adds that the company is looking at its entire business model and realises that consumers are looking for greener options. However they do not necessarily want to pay a premium for it. He says that the company has had to adjust to this fact.

B&Q has been working with the Carbon Trust to set targets for achieving energy savings and to develop a sustainable business. The company has plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 90% by 2023. B&Q already sell £1.1bn worth of eco-products such as carpet underlay made from recycled clothing. These types of products make up 10% of overall sales.

The Carbon Trust have agreed that businesses need to make changes and that they already offer a service to businesses such as B&Q to help them achieve this. They point out that despite the government's commitment to carbon emissions targets, businesses have done very little to tackle the issue themselves.

Topps Tiles Acquire Pilkington Matrix

It has been announced that Topps Tiles has acquired the Pilkington Matrix ceramic wall tile brand after it went into administrations and ceased trading in June last year. The Pilkington tiles will be sold for as long as the current stock lasts and then Topps Tiles will take over the manufacture of the most popular ranges.

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Totally DIY Show

This year's Totally DIY Show will be held from February 6 until February 8 at the NEC in Birmingham and is promising to be an exciting event for those involved in the building trade and for DIYers as well.

The show is free to visit and free to park and will have hundreds of exhibitors from the world of DIY, tools and the security industry.

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Totally DIY Show Visitor Numbers Improved By 375%

Visitor numbers at the Totally DIY Show at the NEC in Birmingham have improved dramatically since last year from 2511 to an incredible 9372. This represents an increase of 375%.

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Toy Manufacturers Jumping on the DIY Bandwagon

Toy manufacturers seem to be jumping on the DIY bandwagon and are predicting that a new construction toy is likely to be a big hit this Christmas. The Real Construction Deluxe Workshop uses “kid wood” for a realistic DIY experience. The wood can be nailed and cut with a saw. It has already been highlighted by Argos and put on their top ten toys list.

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Tradesman Referral Service Goes into Liquidation

Tradesman Referral Service Goes into Liquidation

The High Court has forced a builder and tradesman referral service into liquidation this week. It has been claimed that the company was taking registration fees from builders under false pretences.

The company which was known by a number of names including The Building Trades Database Ltd traded between October 2008 and February this year. A number of websites were used to encourage members of the public to use their services to find a reputable tradesman.

Tradesmen were cold called and asked to list with the websites for a fee of between £200 and £300 plus VAT. If they received any enquires via the website for work, they were expected to pay a commission to the company for the work done.

It was found that there was no evidence that the tradesmen were receiving any benefit at all from being members of the site and there was also no evidence of any referrals. It simply appeared that the websites existed to gain the membership fees.

In total around 4,000 tradesmen signed up to the websites and the company received almost £1 million in membership fees. This money was paid as commission to a group of sales staff who recruited the tradesmen by various means. It was found that these sales people often misrepresented what was on offer.

The judge in the case has said that this judgement shows that companies such as this will be investigated and closed down

Travis Bid for Plumbing and Heating Firm

Travis Perkins has made a £553m bid for the BSS Group, the largest plumbing and heating supply firm in the UK. The move would see Travis Perkins becoming larger than Wolseley.

Shareholders have said they support the takeover which would add another 5000 staff and 439 branches to Travis Perkins' already significant retail outlets.

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