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Van Rental by the Hour

B&Q customers who have trouble getting their goods home may now be able to take advantage of an agreement between the retailer and Connect by Hertz – a global car sharing club. The car and van rental company has signed a three year deal with B&Q to allow customers to hire short term rental vans from 137 B&Q stores across the country.

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VAT Increase – Bad News For Builders

The Vat rise announced in the emergency budget yesterday is expected to be bad news for builders according to the Federation of Master Builders. The increase in VAT to 20% may even mean more business for so-called cowboy builders and cash-in-hand work says Richard Diment, the director general of the FMB.

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VAT Reduction Campaign

Help save “vital” construction skills and encourage home renovations

People across the UK are being urged to help save thousands of jobs and apprenticeships in the construction industry by joining a people-power campaign.

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Volcano Grounds DIY SOS

The cloud of volcanic ash which is literally hanging over the travel industry at the moment isn't just affecting those wanting to get home from their holidays. It has also meant one of our favourite DIY shows may have to wait before it can resume filming.

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Wallace and Gromit and DIY

Fans of Wallace and Gromit and those who also enjoy a spot of DIY inventing will be pleased to hear that the show is looking for Britain's best inventors. Inventors are asked to build contraptions from bits and pieces they find around the home. It could be similar to the types of devices with which Wallace and Gromit fans will already be familiar or it can be something entirely new.

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Warm Up Before DIY

Research from Apos Therapy has said today that four times as many people injure themselves while gardening, than on the ski slopes. In addition, one in twenty hurt themselves while doing a spot of home improvement, which is more than those hurt while horse riding or rock climbing.Even spring cleaning appears to be a dangerous pursuit as it results in more injuries than snow boarding.

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Waste Energy to Heat 3000 Homes

The waste energy from a local energy plant could be used to heat nearly 3000 homes in Southwark. The local council has come up with the idea which could reduce carbon emissions by as much as 70% and nitrogen emissions by 90%. Residents will also be lucky enough to have reduced energy bills.

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Watching Our Home Wherever We Are

Research by Screwfix released this month has shown that people in the UK are spending more on home security than ever before. In fact spending levels are up 57% on what they were prior to the recession.

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Water Leaks Costing £2bn a Year

Water Leaks Costing £2bn a Year

The Association of British Insurers has claimed that nearly one in five building and contents claims in the UK is for water leaks and that this is costing the insurance industry £2 bn a year.

In fact enough water leaked from UK homes last year to fill 3,880 Olympic sized swimming pools. In many cases poorly completed DIY jobs were to blame.

Nick Starling from the ABI has said that water is a precious resource and it is a real concern that water is leaking at such a rate. He points out that even the smallest of leaks can very quickly become incredibly expensive.

According to insurer Allianz, the top reasons for water leaks in the home are damage to feeder pipes, problems with the bath or shower, a broken toilet and leaky radiators. In terms of the rooms affected, the kitchen came out number one followed by the bathroom.

It was also found that the most expensive claims come from pipes which are hidden in walls which can cost £4,000 more to fix than other types of leaks.

Who Does the DIY

Who Does the DIY

Research released by has found that twice as many women believe they do most of the DIY compared with the number of men who agree that this is the case.

The result of a survey of 2,000 people revealed that 14% of men admit that their partners do most of the DIY. However when women are asked the same question, 28% of them say that they do most of the DIY around the house.

In addition men and women cannot agree on who books tradesmen. One quarter of men say it is the woman who does the booking, while half of women say that they are the one left to make that decision.

Kevin Byrne from Checkatrade has commented that based on the experience of his business, the women are more likely to be telling the truth. He says that when they speak to their members, they report that the initial call is almost always from a woman and that they are very careful about how they hire a tradesman.

In some cases the woman will get tired of waiting for a DIY job to be done and will do it herself.

Who Loves DIY

Research conducted by Bosch has discovered that one in five men hate doing DIY, while one in four women quite enjoy it. In fact, 52% of women indulge in a spot of DIY every now and then.

Of those men who didn't like DIY, one third said it took too much time, one in five said they didn't know what they were doing and 21% said they were just too lazy to bother.

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Wickes Launch Business Resource Website

Wickes Launch Business Resource Website

DIY retailer Wickes has recently launched a new website aimed at builders and those in the trade. is described as an online resource for business and has been launched in collaboration with the government's Business Link.

Recent research from Wickes has shown that 38% of UK tradesmen fail to get any advice before they set up their business and 35% say that finding business information is too difficult. Just 1% go to a professional trade body for advice and only 2% approach a business advisory service.

Rob Murray from Wickes has said that tradesmen need to know how to protect and to grow their business, but that many simply don't know where to go to get this advice.

Meanwhile the director of Business Link Ray Lambe has agreed that making business advice easy to access is important. He points out that by joining together with Wickes and creating the site, they should be able to provide information in one easily accessible place.

The information provided includes how to recover debts, getting advertising and how to hire sub-contractors. All legal information is also included.