This section covers a wide range of plumbing jobs from cutting bending and fixing copper pipe to solder and compression joints as well as dealing with air locks, blocked toilets and other plumbing emergencies.  There is practical advice on choosing and fitting baths, basins and showers plus taps and mixers.  Whether you want to carry out a temporary leak repair or install a new kitchen sink with all new waste pipes you'll find hints tips and advice to help

Air lock in pipework
Backflow In Plumbing
Ball valve 1
Ball valve 2
Basin - choosing types
Basin - plumbing in new
Basin - removing
Bath - choosing types
Bath - plumbing in new
Bath - removing
Bending copper pipe
Blocked toilet or soil pipe 1
Blocked toilet or soil pipe 2
Blocked waste pipe
Cold Water Storage
Connecting copper pipe - compression fittings
Connecting copper pipes - solder joints 1
Connecting copper pipes - solder joints 2
Copper pipes and fittings 1
Copper pipes and fittings 2
Cutting copper pipe
Drainage drains and waste water
Draining down the water system 1
Draining down the water system 2
Filtered Water Tap – Installing a Filtered Water Tap
Fixing and supporting copper pipes
Frozen pipe thawing
Got scale? 5 simple tips to remove limescale
Insulation of Plumbing
Lead to Copper – Connecting or Capping a Lead Pipe
Leak - repairing a holed pipe
Leak - temporary repair
Leaking tap
Leaking Water Pipe Joints – How to Repair or Replace
Push Fit Plumbing
Service Valve – Repair or Replace a Leaking Valve
Shower - instant electric
Shower - manual and thermostatic
Shower - mixer tap
Shower - power showers 1
Shower - power showers 2
Shower cublicle
Shower Tray – Installing and Plumbing a New Shower Base
Shower Waste – Cleaning and Clearing Blocked Drain
Shower – Installing an Electric Shower
Sink - plumbing in new
Sink - removing
Stop Valve – Repair a Leaking Stop Cock
Stopcock and gate valve repair
Stopcock –Replacing or Moving
Tap Aerator Nozzle - Removing Lime Scale
Tap ceramic disc cartridge replacement
Tap valve seat repair
Tap washer replacement 1
Tap washer replacement 2
Tap washer replacement 3
Toilet - choosing types
Toilet - plumbing in new 1
Toilet - plumbing in new 2
Toilet - removing
Toilet Seat – Fit New or Replace
Top 10 Plumbing Tips
Turning Off The Water
Washing machine or dishwasher - plumbing in
Waste pipe - compression joints
Waste pipe - new appliance
Waste pipe - push fit joints
Waste pipe - solvent weld joints
Waste pipe - types
Water Pressure and Flow
Water Softener – Installing an Exchange Softener
Water Softeners and Water Conditioners
Water supply
Water Supply to the Home
Water Supply Valves

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